Thank you for your interest in our product. Please find answers to frequently asked questions below.
For further information do not hesitate to contact us at info@fruitleather.nl

A. We can currently make sheets of Fruitleather with a dimension of 40 x 60 cm. This is equal to 0.25 square meters.

A. We provide a service that the material can be dyed to the preferred color and available embossments. This service is offered with a purchase of more than 20 sheets.

A. We have samples available in our webshop

A. We purely focus on the production of the material so that designers and brands can apply it to the products they wish to make. We do not make/sell products like shoes, bags, chairs etc.

A. All the material is currently being produced at our work facility in Rotterdam.

A. We apply a water repellent coating on the surface of the Fruitleather sheets. This makes the material more water resistant. We do not recommend the material to be wet for a long period of time in this stage. Also note that once the material is cut, the cutting lines will not be water resistant. We offer a natural wax for this application.

A. When we first started producing Fruitleather, we have experimented with many different types of fruit. During this development we noticed that mangoes worked very well in this stage. We are therefore only producing mango sheets at the moment during this development period.

A. We can currently produce about 50-70 square meters a month.

A. In the production of the raw material we use some additives to make the Fruitleather sheets. These additives are made from natural sources. Also the backing material is 100% natural. We currently provide material with a GOTS certified organic cotton backing. Make sure to check out the specifications of the material before making your purchase.

A. Fruitleather Rotterdam is the sole distributor and manufacturer of Fruitleather worldwide. We are a Brand to Brand company and as such deal directly with the brands we work with. We are not yet looking for official distributors.

A. You can find the Terms and Conditions by clicking this link.